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"Michele's reputation as a soloist (on different instruments); her versatility as a busy orchestral and pit musician; her aptitude for - and love of - teaching; her friendly and supportive demeanor; her professionalism in her personal interactions; and her solid academic background - all these I will leave to others to elaborate upon. For me, Michele embodies another special talent. ... I have experienced a variety of conductors but none as capable and supportive as Michele. She is - without exception - the best conductor I have ever had the pleasure to work under. She has mastered this essential skill and is able to control and convey all things musical with precise and predicable movements and consistent gestures. More than complete mastery of the technical side of conducting, she has a keen ear and a way of gently (but firmly) coaxing what she wants from her charges. As with her private teaching and group coaching - both of which I have experienced and can whole heartedly endorse - Michele can correct and comment while remaining upbeat, supportive, and downright cheerful.  As a person, Michele is adored by everyone in our group; she has never let us down - or made us to feel that we have let her down (although upon occasion we may well have!)."  - Brian 

"Michele has been a singularly exceptional clarinet teacher and educator who has guided me on my journey from novice player to confident amateur enthusiast. I would not have been able to learn this challenging instrument if it were not for her passion, her approachability, her capacity to hone in on small nuances of technique in a supportive way, her unique method and of course her genuine love of teaching.  I think Michele is one of the best teachers around" - Phil

"I started taking clarinet with Michele about two years ago in my grade seven instrumental class. Learning in the classroom at school was difficult because it was new and there were so many people in my class. It was very helpful to start working with Michele. We practised playing and theory, and I improved so much. I would say I can read music well, and I can play many notes thanks to our time together. Michele is nice and a great teacher!"  - Robin

"I returned to the clarinet in my early sixties after a 40 year period of not playing.  Michele has helped find my way back into clarinet playing, providing me with exercises and direction to build up my skills again.  It's now been a year since I returned to playing my clarinet and I'm excited to continue growing."  - Tara

"I am proud to say that I was Michele’s first online student since I live too far away for in-person lessons. Over the years, she has perfected this technique of teaching and has found ways to overcome the few minor difficulties it presents.  Michele has a very organized approach to her lessons which has become part of my approach to practising. She is constantly challenging me to try something at the next level, and each time, with her support, I have succeeded.  Michele always has an answer to my endless questions about technique or theory or history. The answers inform my ability to go forward more easily.  Music has become a central part of my life and I owe a lot of that to Michele."  - Wynne 

"Classes with Michele are like conversations with a friend – albeit a friend with a vast knowledge of all aspects of musicianship.


She has established a solid reputation both as a soloist and as a performer with numerous ensembles. She is also an amazing conductor as comfortable and expressive with the baton as she is with the various instruments she plays. She co-founded and leads Toronto's acclaimed Wychwood Clarinet Choir with a decade of excellence under her mentorship. Most importantly, she is an exceptional teacher who takes a supportive and positive approach with her students in both her private and her group lessons.

Michele can draw deeply from her performing experience and her musical knowledge to structure lessons that relate specifically to the clarinet. These classes are focused and cover a variety of topics of interest to a developing musician – from the basics (setting up your gear; working with reeds; developing your embouchure; etc.) through more advanced topics (articulation; sight reading; repertoire; etc.). A limited class enrollment means that her students are encouraged to actively participate in their learning. Group lessons with Michele are like her private lessons: she can address individual questions as they appear and has the teacher's ability to get back on topic no matter what the seque.

I would recommend Michele to players at all levels wanting to up their game and become not only better technically but more well-rounded in their musical knowledge." - Bob 

"Michele is the teacher I wish I had in grade seven as I started out on clarinet. Now, decades later, I am retired, once again learning clarinet and this time benefitting wondrously from Michele’s kind, supportive, knowledgeable, persistent, productive and joyful teaching. And yes, I have never played more often, more easily or with more enjoyment."  - Nancy

“I have been studying clarinet with Michele for over two years now and feel that I have made significant progress in improving my play.  Michele stresses fundamentals and has an eye and ear for detail that catches errors in technique and intonation that would be impossible to notice while playing alone.  Also, Michele has a relaxed and informal approach to teaching that makes her lessons an hour to look forward to.  I highly recommend her to any prospective students." - Richard 

“The theory course was like a writing course that revealed ways of understanding the grammar of musical composition. While the class started with basics that I knew, it quickly challenged me to understand underlying musical structures more clearly. With a clearer understanding of, for example, majors and relative minors, different modes, and complex time signatures, I have been able to recognize phrase structure and modulations that enable me to play more musically.” - Christina


“I would recommend Michele to players at all levels wanting to up their game and become not only better technically but more well-rounded in their musical knowledge. As someone coming back to playing clarinet after many years, I would like to add that Michele's approach to teaching suits my needs as an older learner as well as it would suit a much younger student: she is cheerful and non-judgemental and this makes her classes not only instructive but just a whole lot of fun.” - David 

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