Online Courses!


I’m thrilled to announce the launch of more online mini-courses for the winter!!

While we all wait for the chance to play together again, this time apart has created a unique opportunity for me to work with you by offering focused seminars to help you build your musical knowledge and develop your musicianship and technique.  

Over the summer and fall, I saw how applied music techniques helped players at all levels become adept at applying their new knowledge to playing and appreciating music. With this in mind, I’ve continued to develop a roster of courses, mini-courses, and seminars to create opportunities for us to grow as musicians in this unusual time.

I will be offering EIGHT practical, info-packed mini-courses covering all kinds of exciting topics. As you will see below, you can enrol in the entire mini-course series for a special rate, or you can mix and match to select just the areas that are of particular interest.


Where: On Zoom!  

From the comfort of your favourite chair at home. 

When: LIVE - Tuesday evenings,

January 12th to March 30th 5-6 pm, EST. 

How to register:


    • Send me an email with your course selections

    • Send an e-transfer to my email address  

Course details

Mini-course Menu:

History, Repertoire, Players


A Brief History of the Clarinet - 1 week - Jan. 12 ($40)

Fasten your seatbelt.  This is going to be a quick and fascinating ride! 


Mozart, Brahms and more! 10 signature works for the classical clarinet - 1 week - Jan. 19 ($40)

Ten signature works every clarinetist should know.  Let’s talk about them!


Clarinet Greats of the 20th and 21st Century - 2 weeks - Jan. 26, Feb. 2 ($75)

What makes a great clarinetist?  We’ll cover both classical and jazz players, and all the different roles they play.


Reeds, Practice, Technique


Clarinet Maintenance - 1 week - Feb. 9 ($40)

How to have a happy horn! 


All that Hot Air! - 1 week - Feb. 16 ($40)

Breathing.  Kind of important for a wind instrument.  Let’s discuss!  


Reed Reveal - 2 weeks - Feb. 23, Mar. 2 ($75)

Everything you ever wanted to know, and things you didn’t!  A hands-on, real-time workshop. You play, I help you fix!  


Flying Fingers! - 2 weeks - Mar. 9, 16 ($75)

Foundations of technical development, including insight into the dreaded alternate fingerings! 


Doubling - 2 weeks - Mar. 23, 30 ($75)

How to juggle alternate single-reed horns, whatever they may be! 

Benefits of Synchronous (‘real-time’) Learning

  • Fully interactive

  • Small class sizes

  • Time for questions (in real time!)

  • Quality instruction from an experienced musician and teacher

  • Easy-to-follow layout and curriculum structure


Mini-course bundle!

All eight practical courses for $350 

Savings of $110!!

(purchased à la carte would be $460) 

Here's what some course participants are saying: 


“The theory course was like a writing course that revealed ways of understanding the grammar of musical composition. While the class started with basics that I knew, it quickly challenged me to understand underlying musical structures more clearly. With a clearer understanding of, for example, majors and relative minors, different modes, and complex time signatures, I have been able to recognize phrase structure and modulations that enable me to play more musically.” - Christina


“I would recommend Michele to players at all levels wanting to up their game and become not only better technically but more well-rounded in their musical knowledge. As someone coming back to playing clarinet after many years, I would like to add that Michele's approach to teaching suits my needs as an older learner as well as it would suit a much younger student: she is cheerful and non-judgemental and this makes her classes not only instructive but just a whole lot of fun.” - Brian T. 

“Michele is the teacher I wish I had in grade seven as I started out on clarinet. Now, decades later, I am retired, once again learning clarinet and this time benefitting wondrously from Michele’s kind, supportive, knowledgeable, persistent, productive and joyful teaching. And yes, I have never played more often, more easily or with more enjoyment.”  - Nancy W.

If you're seeing this after the courses have begun, contact me and I can let you know what the bundle price is for the remaining courses.

The following services are available, on demand:

Please contact me and we will set you up! (Fees determined per situation.)

Chamber Group Coaching - for your own multi-track ‘Covid recording’, or with a pre-formed small group of your design (following Social Distancing rules, of course!).  

One-on-one Lessons - packages of intensives to focus on a certain issue, or just general guidance - (4 week bundles), plus a FREE 30-minute introductory lesson!

I guarantee you will not be disappointed with these courses, and in fact, I am offering a full money-back guarantee if you are.  

I am very much looking forward to working with you!


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