Online Courses!


I’m thrilled to announce the launch of some online mini-courses for the fall!!

While we all wait for the chance to play together again, this time apart has created a unique opportunity for me to work with you by offering focused seminars to help you build your musical knowledge and develop your musicianship and technique.  

Over the summer, I saw how applied music techniques helped players at all levels become adept at applying their new knowledge to playing and appreciating music. With this in mind, I’ve continued to develop a roster of courses, mini-courses, and seminars to create opportunities for us to grow as musicians in this unusual time.

I will be offering SIX practical, info-packed mini-courses covering all kinds of exciting topics. As you will see below, you can enrol in the entire mini-course series for a special rate, or you can mix and match to select just the areas that are of particular interest.


Where: On Zoom!  

From the comfort of your favourite chair at home. 

When: LIVE - Tuesday evenings,

September 22nd to December 8th, 5-6 pm, EST. 

How to register:


    • Send me an email with your course selections

    • Send an e-transfer to my email address  

Course details

Mini-course Menu:


1. Chamber Music 101 - September 22 and 29

A potpourri of interesting and useful information about this highly specialized art form.  We are all going to be delving into this world for a while, so this is the perfect time to learn a bit about it (other than learning the notes, of course!).  


2. Perfect Practice - October 6 and 13

A plan for effectiveness and effeciency! 


3. Mind over Music - October 20 and 27

The MENTAL side of it all!  We’ll talk about things like nervous butterflies, passages we dread, and how to make it all a bit easier.  


4. Tuning Terror!  - November 3 and 10

Unraveling the mysteries…


5. Sight-reading Sweep - November 17 and 24

Play any piece (almost) right the first time.


6. Conducting 101 - December 1 and 8

An introduction to the podium.  Even if you never plan to conduct, it’s hugely important to know what goes on ‘on the other side of the baton’. 

Benefits of Synchronous (‘real-time’) Learning

  • Fully interactive

  • Small class sizes

  • Time for questions (in real time!)

  • Quality instruction vs. random YouTube videos where you’re not sure if you should trust the information

  • Easy-to-follow layout and curriculum structure



Mini-courses - a la carte: $75 per 2-week course


Mini-course bundle!

All six practical courses for $350 

Savings of $100!!

(six a la carte would be $450) 


If you are seeing this after the courses have begun, contact me and I can let you know what the bundle price is for the remaining courses.

The following services are available, on demand:

Please contact me and we will set you up! (Fees determined per situation.)

Chamber Group Coaching - for your own multi-track ‘Covid recording’, or with a pre-formed small group of your design (following Social Distancing rules, of course!).  

One-on-one Lessons - packages of intensives to focus on a certain issue, or just general guidance - (4 week bundles), plus a FREE 30-minute introductory lesson!

I guarantee you will not be disappointed with these courses, and in fact, I am offering a full money-back guarantee if you are.  

I am very much looking forward to working with you!


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